The Women Chartered Accountants Network (WeCAN) was set up to encourage and improve participation of female members in ICAZ activities to promote diversity of views. WeCAN provides a platform for female members to network and share ideas in-order to promote female CA’s influence in the economy and in turn work towards ICAZ’s objective of exerting influence in all spheres of the economy. 

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ICAZ CASS Trust Fund

The Chartered Accountants Students Society (CASS), in collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe (ICAZ), launched the VIMBISO Scholarship Trust Fund (formerly known as the ICAZ CASS Scholarship Trust Fund) in 2015 (“the Fund”) to prioritise youth education as a sustainable and impactful way of improving society. The Trust was borne out of a realisation that the cost of education has continually increased, taking with it the hopes and dreams of an academically gifted but economically disadvantaged student population.