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Vision, Mission, Values


To be the pre-eminent professional body in the development and promotion of accountancy, assurance and advisory services, business and good governance practices.


To enhance the International standing and recognition of the qualification Chartered Accountant (Zimbabwe), for the benefit of its members, to support them in providing quality services in the public interest.


  • Responsibility - Taking ownership and being dependable
  • Honesty - Upholding the truth no half truths, putting across the right facts, being impartial and full disclosure
  • Integrity - Acting in good faith, standing by what we believe in, independent, fair and transparent, do the right thing, walk the talk in respect of all things
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                                             MEET THE ICAZ EXECUTIVE COUNCIL

                                                               Mrs Manyara Chigunduru

             Mr Brice Musendo                                               Mr Emmanuel Mudefi
              (Senior Vice President)                               (Junior Vice President)

                                                         Mr William Mandisodza


Reciprocal Members


With half of the members of the Institute residing outside Zimbabwe, the Institute is committed to gaining the recognition of major accounting bodies worldwide so that members are able to work in their countries of residence without having to write exams of the constituent body. Find out if ICAZ has a reciprocal agreement with the accounting body of the country in which you are resident.

Membership Services

Membership Services

The Institute has various services on offer to members such as CPD seminars, online learning platform, are available to members to keep them updated, free letters of good standing, reciprocal agreements with other international bodies so that they gain recognition, job placement opportunities, library Services and access to various ICAZ publications.

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Membership Services

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