How to become a Chartered Accountant


Registration of Articles

The student should:
  • Register as an articled clerk with an accredited training office (ATO) in Zimbabwe, the list of these ATO’s can be found at the ICAZ reception or download here.
  • Through the ATO, register as an ICAZ student accountant


The entry requirements to becoming a chartered accountant are as follows:

  • You should have an accounting degree not more than three years
  • If your degree is more than 3 years you will have  to do a one year bridging course before proceeding to ZCTA
  • Be attached to an accredited training office. You can do the CTA and ITC program without the training but you will not be allowed to sit for the final APC exams without these (more detail on the attached list)

We have three service providers for the CTA program CAA, NUST and UNISA, these service providers only enroll students who have accounting degrees which are not more than 3 years.

For the UNISA program, the ZCTA program is offered by UNISA in conjunction with ICAZ where 4 modules are offered by UNISA and one module the Zim Tax module is offered by ICAZ. This program has no exemptions, all five modules are written in one sitting and all have to be passed at once. It’s very unfortunate that ICAZ is no longer facilitating registrations on behalf of students as such you are required to log onto the UNISA website at and submit your online application. Applications are expected to open during August/ September please log onto the UNISA website during this period and apply.

We also encourage you to place your application for CTA with our local service providers CAA (Chartered Accountants Academy) or NUST.


  1. Requirements for Membership Applications

    For one to apply for membership they need to submit the following:

    Registration Fee USD 402.50
    PAAB Registration Fees USD 402.50
    Annual Subscriptions (pro-rata basis)

    The following Certified documents are required:

    • Degree Certificates
    • ZCTA Certificate
    • FQC Certificate
    • Letters discharging your training records and training contract
    • Application Form duly completed.
  2. Requirements for a Letter of Good Standing

    • CPD HRS It is a requirement that all members serve at least 20 CPD hours a year and cumulative 120 CPD hours over three years. This determines if you are technically up-to-date. Please indicate the number of CPD hrs over the above periods in your application and also provide a confirmation letter from your organization (where you attended the courses) of the CPD hours that you attained.
    • SUBSCRIPTIONS Current year subscriptions should be fully paid. ii. CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Please state if you have abided by the legislation and by-laws that governs the accounting profession conduct in Zimbabwe or country you are residing in. Click here for your copy. iii. EMPLOYERS LETTER A letter from your current employer stating that you have been acting in a professional manner during the conduct of your duties. iv. CURRICULUM VITAE Please provide us with a copy of your CV. v. PAYMENT You will be required to make a payment of USD50 for the letter. We will start processing the letter as soon as you submit the requirements and also note that it takes a maximum of three working days to be ready.
    • Completion of the form below: Letter of Good Standing Declaration and Clearance Form

      We will start processing the letter as soon as you submit the requirements and also note that it takes a maximum of three working days to be ready.

  3. Requirements for Membership Applications from those wishing to convert under the reciprocal agreements

    A member of a body that has reciprocal agreement with ICAZ can become a member of ICAZ after producing the following:

    • Letter of good standing from the reciprocal body
    • Membership application form and its requirements
    • Paying the requirement application fees.
  4. Requirements for Application for a Practising Certificate

    For one to apply for a practicing certificate, they need to:

    • Be a fully registered member of ICAZ
    • Have attained at least 20 CPD hours for the current year
    • Complete the Practising Certificate Application
    • Form Provide proof of professional Indemnity or subscribe through ICAZ
  5. Requirements for Application to PAAB

    For one to be registered with PAAB, they need to:

    • Be a fully registered member of ICAZ
    • Complete the PAAB Application Form
    • Pay the required fees
  6. Fees for different registrations

    • ICAZ Registration    USD402.50
    • ICAZ Practising Certificate Application Fee    USD200
    • ICAZ Certificate Replacement Fee    USD80
    • PAAB Registration    USD250
    • PAAB Practising Certificate Registration    USD300
    • PAAB Certificate replacement Fee USD150 Student Initial Registration Fee    USD60
    • Application for Remission of Training Contact Fee    USD20
    • Application for Transfer of Training Contact Fee    USD20
    • Application for Suspension of Training Contact Fee    USD20
  7. Current subscriptions

    • Local member    USD530
    • Non Resident     USD403
    • Articled Accountant Zimbabwe USD300 Articled Clerks Annual Subscription    USD95
  8. Requirements to Register a Training Office

    For an organization to be registered as a training office the following should be satisfied:

    • At least 1 Chartered Accountant within that organization
    • The application form should be completed and submitted to ICAZ for the Education Committee
    • The registration fee (USD1000) to be paid upon Accreditation.

Downloadable Forms

On completion of the APC and after training records have been discharged one can then apply to become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe.  After which one can use the designation CA(Z).  Please note that it is an offence to use the designation CA(Z) if you are not a member of ICAZ.