Benefits of membership
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Membership is valuable

I've always considered my membership a great investment. It's not just the opportunities to connect and learn - or how it  has allowed my voice to be heard - but it's the little things too, like being in the Council. With the profession, we can make a difference for each other.


Which type of membership is right for you?

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Article Accountant (AA) Membership

AA membership is perfect for pre-professionals and vendors. Receive discounts similar to regular membership on events and store products as well as special networking and exhibit opportunities.

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Chartered Accountant Membership

Members enjoy many benefits including professional networking opportunities, our monthly industry magazine, discounts on events and in the shop and up-to-date information on industry news.

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Student Trainee

Deeply-discounted student membership is offered to anyone currently attending a two or four year college or university. Mentoring, internships and student SIGS enrich the experience for young pre-professionals.