What Do We Mean by Finance Leadership & Development?

Finance leadership and development involves ensuring that professional accountants in business—or finance professionals, as they are often called—respond to the continually changing expectations of their organizations, the financial markets, and society.

Professional accountants in business” have diverse roles, and support their organizations in a wide range of job functions at various levels. These include:
  • Leadership/management: chief executive officer (CEO); chief financial officer (CFO)/financial director (FD); chief operating officer; director of governance or operations; treasurer
  • Operational: business unit controller; financial or performance analyst; cost accountant; resources manager; business support manager; systems analyst
  • Management control: business assurance manager; risk manager; compliance manager; internal auditor
  • Accounting and stakeholder communications: group controller; head of reporting; investor relations manager; financial or management accountant
Finance leadership and development includes:
  • Finance and accounting (F&A) function design and effectiveness;
  • Preparing for, and enhancing, finance leadership; and
  • Finance professionalism and talent management.

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