The APC is an assessment of professional competence and focuses on the integration of technical skills within ‘real life’ circumstances, on pervasive skills such as communication, on understanding the ‘big picture’ (the business and the environment in which the business operates) and on strategy, risk management and governance.  The APC examination will assess professional competence to the extent possible in a written examination and has been very carefully designed to do so.

Entry Requirements to write APC Examination

•   Candidates must have passed the ITC;
•    Candidates must have completed 20 months of a contract by the beginning of the month in which the examination is written;
•    Candidates must have successfully completed the professional development programme.
Completion and passing of a post-graduate Diploma in Accounting Sciences from an approved South African university PLUS the Zimbabwe Taxation

The primary objective of the Course is to develop the professional competence of candidates to a level appropriate for new entrants to the Chartered Accountancy profession. The course will also equip students with new professional skills.

Programme Study Methodology and Structure
APT will offer the course on-line.  The programme will allow candidates the flexibility of studying in their own time and completing work or submitting assignments within a scheduled time frame rather than on a fixed date.  Candidates will be able to access APT on-line facilities at any time, will have access to “chat rooms’ and will have the opportunity to work in groups. Candidates are advised that the minimum computer specifications to enable students to communicate and download documents or information on the learning site is basically Windows or Mac OS.

The programme will incorporate a tracking system which will enable individual candidates to monitor their own progress on the programme and their competency development.
The programme is comprised of four Modules.  Candidates’ progress in the programme is carefully graduated, whereby Module 1 is developmental, Module 2 continues development but add formal assessment, Module 3 focuses on formal assessment and Module 4 is revision.  
Passing of the assessments is the entry requirement to APC Examination.

In order to pass the APT programme, candidates will be required to pass two assessment examinations.

•    Both assessment examinations fully simulate the APC and are written under full examinations conditions.
•    Candidates are required to pass the first examination in order to progress to the second. Candidates who fail the first examination will be provided with further guidance and will be required to write supplementary examination.
•    Candidates who fail this examination will be allowed to write supplementary examination.
•    There is no minimum mark required for a supplementary examination.

Candidates are graded as either “competent” or not and candidates who do not achieve “competence” will be required to sit for the supplementary examination.  The assessments are written under examination conditions at stipulated centres.  Candidates will complete multidisciplinary single integrated case studies based on a real-life scenarios.  

Candidates will:
•    Receive scenario information several days prior to the examination;
•    Research additional information and consult where necessary, during this time, based on triggers embedded in the pre released scenario;
•    Received additional scenario information together with the requirements on the day of the examination;
•    Have a whole working day in order to complete their solutions, although the intention is that the examination remains a 5 hour examination;
•    Be assessed according to competence demonstrated in their solutions as opposed to receiving marks for specific points.

The programme also includes two Self-Assessment Case Studies which may be written at home.

On completion of the professional development programme, successful candidates will be awarded a certificate which will entitle them to write the APC.

Students will be required to register with both APT direct (On-Line) and with ICAZ.  On-Line programme will allow candidates the flexibility of studying in their own time and completing work or submitting assignments within a scheduled time frame.  Students will be able to access APT on-line facilities at any time.  The On-line programme incorporates a tracking system which will enable individual students to monitor their own progress on the programme and their competency development.
On-line registration is now open and all students are expected to have been registered On-line before they come to register with ICAZ.  How to register On-line:
Simply go to
Go to APC Programme on the Top Bar
The draw down offers “Register Inline” as one of the option.

The APT Professional Competence programme seeks to develop the professional competence expected of a Chartered Accountant at entry into the profession and will offer the best possible chance of passing the APC examination.

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