Online Student Assesment

This learning portal provides ICAZ trainees with an online learning platform for the purposes of participating in the assessment of students’ understanding of the ICAZ Competency Training Model.

The online training course is mainly driven by the need to bring awareness to trainees on the ICAZ Training Regulations and the ICAZ competency training model. All trainees are expected to participate in this online training course and training office are urged to support their trainees by ensuring they participate

Course Details
Topics covered by the course The online training course will cover following topics:
  • The ICAZ qualification process
  • ICAZ Training Regulations
  • The CA Competency Framework
  • Principles of Assessment
  • Conducting an Assessment
  • Principles of Development
Nature of Course Material The online training course will have the following course content:
  • ICAZ Trainee Accountant Handbook
  • Course Videos
  • Other ICAZ Assessment Instruments e.g Latest PSRs, TSRs & ANAs.
Approximate time to go through course content We expect trainees to take between 2 – 4 hours to go through all the course content
Course duration From the date on which trainees are registered on the system they will have 4 weeks to go through the course content and attempt and pass the assessment.
Course needs The course is a cloud based application which is accessed over the internet. Trainees will need an internet capable device e.g smartphone, laptop, tablet etc and internet connection. All the course content can be downloaded from the site.
Assessment After having go through the course content trainees will be required to attempt an online assessment quiz. The quiz has 25 questions and trainees have to score at least 20 correct questions to pass. The duration of the quiz is 12 minutes. Trainees are given a maximum of 4 attempts on the quiz.
Course Rollout The course will be rolled out to all trainees from 1 May 2017. Supervisors/administrators will get notification with regards their trainees that would have been registered
Support ICAZ has contracted CAA to host the system and provide content material.
Access the system click the link