About the Scholarship Fund

The Vimbiso Scholarship Trust was founded July 2015 as a collaboration between the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) and its students body, the Chartered Accountants Students Society.  The students body having witnessed the plight of aspiring accountants who did not progress due to lack of resources, approached ICAZ with the initiative. The purpose of the Vimbiso scholarship trust is to provide educational assistance to academically gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds wishing to pursue careers as Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe. The cost of tertiary and professional examinations is out of reach for many in Zimbabwe and the initiative is meant to bridge the gap between disadvantaged and privileged students in achieving the CA (Z) qualification and ensuring equal access to the profession by people from all backgrounds.

The Fund started taking students on board in January 2018 and has not been able to fully absorb all deserving applicants due to funds limitation.  The desire is to grow the fund to enable it to accommodate all the applicants that will be meeting the criteria.  The beneficiaries come from all over Zimbabwe and study at the various local universities. 

Previously the Trust has been funded from voluntary donations from institute charity events and donations from members. With effect from June 2019, the Institute committed to setting aside 2% of the collected member subscriptions for the fund. This is expected to propel the growth in the fund and beneficiaries.

Objectives of the Trust:

The Trust stands guided by the following objectives:

  • To offer educational assistance to academically gifted persons from disadvantaged backgrounds wishing to pursue careers as Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe;
  • To provide financial support for the less privileged students;
  • To groom, mentor and provide life skills to beneficiaries;
  • To promote the maintenance of any school or faculty providing education in relation to the business of ICAZ and CASS;
  • To provide valuable life skills information which children facing complex challenges need such as education, mentorship and career guidance in order for them to be able to make informed life decisions;
  • To nurture scholarship life beneficiaries to have a heart for the community that will help them to willingly make contributions to the Trust when they have successfully completed their training;
  • To create awareness of the Chartered Accountancy profession to prospective students and the general public;
  • To fund and set up libraries across the country with a bias on accounting related books;
  • To generally promote the education of persons studying to become Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe; and
  • Generally to do or undertake all or any such other acts, matters or things and charitable activities as are necessary for the attainment of the Trust’s objectives.

The Institute is appealing to individuals and organisations who wish to partner them in this initiative to contact [email protected].

The Fund is audited by HLB Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe.
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For any donations, kindly refer to the banking details below;

Bank: NMB Bank, Nostro US$
Account Number: 0000021257281
Branch : Angwa City

Bank: NMB Bank, RTGS$
Account Number: 020236949
Branch Code: 11102 (Joina City Branch)
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