Our Institute

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe is a statutory body incorporated under the Chartered Accountants Act (Chapter 27:02). The Institute was incorporated in 1918. The Institute aims to contribute to the financial and economic development of Zimbabwe by providing accountancy training and education for its students and members. ICAZ develops Chartered Accountants and other accounting professionals through partnerships with Accredited Training Offices. In addition, ICAZ provides accounting professionals with a broader set of qualifications in order The Institute administers, conducts and controls the ICAZ examination structure; supervises accredited training offices; monitors and regulates the conduct of its members and provides continuous professional development opportunities amongst other roles. 

Vision, Mission, Values


To be a world class centre of excellence in the development and promotion of accountancy, assurance and advisory services leveraging on technology and driving economic development. 



To enhance the international standing and recognition of the qualification Chartered Accountant (Zimbabwe), for the benefit of its members, to support them in providing quality services in the public interest.



  • Responsibility - Taking ownership and being dependable.
  • Honesty - Upholding the truth no half-truths, putting across the right facts, being impartial and full disclosure.
  • Integrity - Acting in good faith, standing by what we believe in, independent, fair and transparent, do the right thing, walk the talk in respect of all things.




ICAZ Difference Makers

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