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A CA(Z) is a member of ICAZ who would have passed all the professional examinations of the Institute as well as completed the requisite practical experience per the ICAZ competence framework. In Zimbabwe, a Chartered Accountant is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe.

Amongst other positions in business, a chartered accountant can work as: 

  • an Auditor
  • an Accountant
  • a Business Adviser
  • a Financial Manager
  • a Tax Consultant
  • a Chief Executive Officer
  • a Director

Most members of the Institute hold influential positions in the economy.

Upon passing all the required ICAZ exams as well as discharge of articles, one will now be eligible to apply for the CA (Z) membership with ICAZ.

Member Categories

ICAZ has the following membership categories which are Chartered Accountant Zimbabwe (CA(Z)), Fellow Chartered
Accountant (FCA(Z)), Articled Accountant (AA(Z)) and Public Sector Professional Accountant Zimbabwe (PSPA(Z)).

Chartered Accountant Zimbabwe (CA(Z))
This category is the first and long-standing category of the Institute which was started at inception in 1918. It embodies the core, principal and pre-dominate brand of the Institute. This is also the category that fully encompasses the ICAZ competency framework and is the backbone of all the Mutual Recognition Agreements, international recognition agreements and the professional membership bodies that ICAZ belongs to.

A CA(Z) is a member of ICAZ who would have passed all the professional examinations of the Institute as well as
completed the requisite practical training per the ICAZ competence framework.

Fellow Chartered Accountant Zimbabwe (FCA(Z))
This category recognises and distinguishes the senior Chartered Accountant from the rest of the CA(Z) membership category. It is therefore an upgrade from the Chartered Accountant category based on seniority, experience and professional conduct. 

 For an CA(Z) to quality for an upgrade as an FCA(Z) they are required to have at least 10 years post CA(Z) qualification experience and a clean disciplinary record with the Institute. The Fellow membership category was introduced in 2017.

Articled Accountant Zimbabwe (AA(Z))
This category is for persons who hold an accounting degree recognized by ICAZ and have their contracts and training records discharged by ICAZ i.e. those that would have completed the practical training aspect of the ICAZ competence framework through an ICAZ accredited training office. This membership category enhances the weight and value of the articles training whilst giving the member credible recognition as belonging to a professional body. 

This category is a response to the increasing value that the employers and markets are placing on accountants who belong to a professional body as they are assured that the person is accountable from an ethical standpoint and also that they are obliged to keep up to date with their professional development through CPDs. This membership category was introduced in 2013.


1. Recognition

When you are a member you can use your membership designation after your name – a symbol recognizable to employers. This will add power to your CV thereby increases your earning potential and improving your career progression opportunities.

2. Mobility

As a member, you can enjoy reciprocal recognition in several jurisdictions. Showcasing your value around the world.

3. Mutual Recognition Agreements

As a member you can practice in any of the countries where ICAZ has mutual recognition agreements without having to sit for further exams. The Institute currently has reciprocal agreements with the following Institutes:

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia (ICAN)

Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)

Ireland Chartered Accountants (ICA)

4. Networking

Our members are sought after business professionals. Being a member of ICAZ makes you part of a network of likeminded business professionals. Therefore, there is an opportunity to network within the chapters that exist in the various parts of the world.

5. Ongoing support/CPD

ICAZ members receive ongoing support and training to keep up to date with leading business and financial issues and technical news keeping you at the forefront of the profession.

There is an on-line learning platform which can be used at the member’s convenience. We have online CPD sessions planned throughout the year, thus giving members an opportunity ty keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the profession.

6. Events

Be inspired and informed at our seminars and conferences particularly the annual Winter School.

Members can access events through life streaming that is offered by the Institute and use of video conferencing facilities.

Flagship events are now being organized in the various chapters as well .

7. Technical desk

The ICAZ Technical desk provides members with the latest technical, policy and research information – providing quick answers to help you in your professional life. Emails can be sent to [email protected]

8. Publications

ICAZ publishes a quarterly magazine with informative articles on different subject matters. The Chartered Accountant magazine is delivered via email to all members and as a member you have an opportunity to get your articles published in this magazine.

9. Social Media

The Institute offers members the opportunity to engage and network with each other online through our Website Chatrooms, LinkedIn group, Facebook page and Twitter feeds.

10. Professional Flexibility

Being a member of ICAZ allows flexibility in career choices in all areas of accountancy, business and finance. Members can work in public practice or any business sector from corporate or public to financial services.

ICAZ members you are automatically eligible to:

· ex-officio commissioner of oaths

· register with the Council of Estate Administrators of Zimbabwe

· register with the Institute of Directors in Zimbabwe at a discounted cost

· register with the Public Accountant and Auditors Board as a registered public accountant, registered public auditor or a general accountant

11. Committees and Council

Membership to the ICAZ Committees is open to all members who are interested. By becoming more involved with the operations of ICAZ you can raise your profile, broaden your professional networks and learn new skills.

Attendance to meetings can be done virtually so members all around the world can participate in the meetings.

12. Reputation

The ICAZ training program is known as a rigorous one and our members are renowned for their skills, capabilities, influence, ethics and commitment making them the preferred professionals in the field.

13. International Representatives

ICAZ has the following member structures which provide differing levels of services where most of our members are resident:

Ø South African Chapter

Ø United Kingdom Chapter

Ø United Arab Emirates Chapter

Ø Channel Islands Chapter

Ø Botswana Chapter

Ø Namibia Chapter

Ø Australia Chapter (Perth, Sydney and Brisbane)

The Chapters provide an environment where members can quickly settle in a foreign land and network with like-minded people.

14. Careers Connect

Through ICAZ you can get information of job placements and non-executive Director placements.

15. Letter of Good Standing

Members can get letters of good standing for free. ICAZ acts as a professional verifying body for members should anyone wants to question the member’s professional credibility.

16. Membership Card

The ICAZ card provides benefits to members in terms of discounts being received from selected service providers.