About WeCAN

WeCAN is a dedicated platform for female ICAZ members, offering a dynamic space to connect, network, and exchange ideas. Designed to uplift and empower, WeCAN focuses on sharing life experiences, career journeys, and motivational insights to boost confidence in navigating the challenges of both life and work.

Objectives Of WeCAN

  1. Elevate female involvement in ICAZ activities for a richer diversity of perspectives.
  2. Establish and oversee the Women Chartered Accountants Network (WeCAN) as an exclusive hub for eligible female ICAZ members.
  3. Cultivate a platform for female members to network, exchanging ideas to bolster their influence in the economy and contribute to ICAZ's broader objectives.
  4. Implement innovative activities showcasing the talents of female members, strategically advancing their influence and recognition.
  5. Provide tailored networking and mentoring opportunities for female members, fostering an environment conducive to professional growth.
  6. Facilitate meaningful interactions between female members and students, serving as sources of inspiration, encouragement, and promotion.
  7. Introduce diverse activities for the ongoing development of female students and members, ensuring a holistic growth approach.
  8. Pioneer creative activities and programs tailored to the development and empowerment of female students and members for a dynamic approach.


WeCAN Committee

WeCAN is steered by a dedicated committee responsible for orchestrating events, activities, and initiatives that align with our mission. This dynamic committee works collaboratively to foster a supportive community, organizing networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and developmental activities for female ICAZ members. Their strategic efforts aim to empower female CAs, inspire student involvement, and contribute to the broader influence of ICAZ in various spheres of the economy. With a passion for progress, the committee plays a pivotal role in shaping WeCAN as a vibrant platform for the growth and success of female professionals in the field of Chartered Accountancy.

Key roles of WeCAN Committee

  1. To administer women-chartered accountants’ network (WeCAN) where all the female members of ICAZ will be eligible to participate. 
  2. Come up with activities and initiatives aimed at promoting, profiling, and developing female members for influence 
  3. Develop networking and mentoring opportunities for female members 
  4. Devise ways to ensure female members interact with/to inspire, encourage, and promote female students 
  5. Any other activities and initiatives to promote female students and member development.
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