Frequently asked questions


  1. What service am I getting for my subscriptions?
    CPDs are available to members to keep them updated, Letter of good standing which is now free, Reciprocity with other Institutes for mutual recognition, Employment exchange if employers are looking for CAs the Institute can connect them to members, E-learning, Library services
  2. How do I record my CPD?
    CPD hours are now recorded on the website only. All you need to do is to logon to the website and follow the guidelines HOW TO LOG CPD HOURS ON THE ICAZ WEBSITE
  3. Are you open over lunch? What time do you close? Why do calls go unanswered for so long?
    Yes, we open during lunchtime and offices close at 1630hrs. Please take note of our VoIP number +263 (0) 8677004297.
  4. How can I join a committee?
    To join a committee please send a brief CV & Cover letter indicating the committee/s you wish to join to the Registrar at [email protected]
  5. Do you have an online payment facility? What are the payment options available?
    Yes, we have an online payment facility through our website. We accept Visa and Master cards as well as Paypal. To pay using Paypal please request invoice and link from [email protected]. Other payment options include Cash, Swipe,Ecocash (*151*2*2*242936*AMT#), Onewallet (*111*2*2*44233*AMT#) and bank transfer, please see the guide on how to make your payment online
  6. How many CPD hours are required?
    Complete a minimum of 20 Verifiable hours per annum, 120 hours over three years of which 60 hours should be Verifiable.
    For the SAICA reciprocal membership please visit link
    For the ICAEW reciprocal membership please click the following link
  8. Do you help members find jobs?
    Yes we assist our members in looking for jobs. If you are looking for a job please send your CV to [email protected] or look at our vacancies section
  9. What are the requirements for me to get a letter of good standing?
    To apply for a letter of good standing, complete the form on following link and e-mail it to [email protected]
  10. How much is the letter of good standing?
    Letters of good standing are now processed at no charge for members in good standing.
  11. What happens if I don’t pay my subs?
    You will be deregistered after 90 days from the billing date according to section 31 of the Chartered Accountants By-Laws
  12. How can I join Council?
    A call for Council nominations is send to all members each year around April and May. You will need to be nominated by 3 CAs who are in good standing and then stand for elections which are held in June each year, alternatively contact [email protected] around May of each year.


  1. Is the experience I gained in South Africa recognized here?
    Yes it is, you first need to get into a contract with one of Training Offices. After that you will apply for Recognition of Prior Learning where you will get exemptions for hours served at a SAICA accredited training office and for competencies signed out at that office. Contact [email protected] for more information and follow the link below for the list of ICAZ accredited training offices. Link
  2. Can I suspend my articles and go to University full time?
    Suspension is permitted for a period of more than 2 months but less than 12 months. To study full time for a period exceeding 12 months, you will need to cancel your articles.
  3. Can I change to a different training office?
    Yes, you can. However, you would need to first cancel your current training contract.
  4. Do you accept payment plans for exams?
    Yes, payment plans are accepted over a period of 3 to 6 months depending on the programme one is doing.
    Part payment plans are accepted only on the APT APC Diploma course programme, however no part payments are accepted for the ITC and APC examinations.
  5. When will the exam results be out?
    Results are usually expected to be released one to two months from the date the exams are written. ITC and APC results are usually expected to be released in not more than three months from the date the exams are written
  6. How many attempts do I get for ITC professional examination? se?
    You have 5 attempts in 5 years. Failure to pass after those 5 attempts you will be required to re-take CTA.
  7. Is the option to do CTA with UNISA still available – do I have a choice on the university I use?
    Yes, the option is still available direct entry to CTA Level 2 is only applicable to holders of SAICA endorsed accounting degrees.
  8. Can I use my qualification outside Zimbabwe and if so in which countries?
    Yes you can, it is accepted the world over and ICAZ has Mutual Recognition Agreements in the following countries, South Africa, England and Wales, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Ireland where by you wont have to right any examinations to be a member.

Frequently made comments

  1. The website sometimes is not reachable. 
    The website in online 27/7. Kindly make use of the secure connection especially from outside the country where will not go through.
  2. I have forgotten my login details.
    Please utilize the my forgot username/password option. Also ensure that you use the email address active on the system. Should you fail to use this method please contact the IT team at [email protected] and you will be assisted promptly.
  3. Resend my invoice/statement as I did not receive it. / I never receive any correspondence from ICAZ.
    Make sure you update your contact details on the website
  4. Reissue my invoice as I am now a non resident.
    Please note that billing is done as per the current status of a members' residence according to our records. Kindly notify the registry department at [email protected] should you relocate so that you are billed accordingly.


  1. How long does my membership last?
    Membership lasts for as long as you comply with the minimum CPD requirements of at least 20 verifiable hours per annum and 120 hours over a period of 3 years and your subscriptions are up-to-date.
  2. Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, you can. Please write to [email protected] if you wish to cancel your membership and surrender your membership certificate.
  3. What is the deregistration process?
    The deregistration process is the process carried out to remove a member who is no longer in good standing from the ICAZ register.
  4. Does your CPD year run from January to December or June to May?
    CPD runs from January to December
  5. What is the process for reregistration?
    To reregister as member please contact [email protected]
  6. Do you have a technical help desk?
    Yes, we have a helpdesk facility where you can post your questions and the Technical consultants will attend to them within 24hours. Please follow the link to see how to use online help desk facility
  7. At what point can I use the designation CA(Z)?
    You can only use the designation CA(Z) after you have been admitted as member of ICAZ and have been formally advised.
  8. What are the requirements for membership admission?
    To register as member please contact [email protected]
  9. What benefits do I get by being an AAZ member?
    Attending of CPD seminars, Employment exchange if employers are looking for Articled Accountants as the Institute can connect them to members, Library Services, Magazines and Newsletters, Online learning platform
  10. Am I registered with PAAB?
    You should receive a PAAB certificate to know that you are registered or contact [email protected]