Public Sector


1.To promote better communication between the profession and the public sector.
2.To assist with and advise on matters relating to the setting of public sector accounting and auditing standards and on other matters relating to the public sector.
3.To contribute towards improving and harmonising financial reporting, accounting and auditing standards and practices in the public sector.
4.To assist with, and advise on, the development of appropriate educational and training courses for the public sector.
5.To promote the accountancy profession’s role, responsibilities and achievements, in the public sector.
6.To liaise with the Institute's Auditing and Professional Standards Committee, the Accounting Practices Committee and other relevant Institute committees and interest groups in order to maintain a free flow of information.
7.To assist the national and regional organisations which serve the interest of the public sector.
8.To liaise with the Public Sector Committee of the International Federation of Accountants and similar committees of foreign accounting bodies.
9.To carry out any other task delegated to it by the Institute’s Executive Committee or Council.

Public Sector Committee 2013-14

T. Chizana - Chairperson
S. Mushosho
S. Chitehwe
N. Muvirimi
G. Hofisi
N. Ziumbe
L. Usayi
M.T. Kunaka
E. Chisango
I. Rukweza
K. Horonga
Comptroller & Auditor General Representatives
UDCORP Representatives