Are you training or thinking of registering your organization to become an ICAZTraining Office in the near future or do you have Articled Clerks who are under your training?

If your answer is YES, then you need to be a holder of an ICAZ Assessor’s Certificate. This is the Certificate given to Qualified Chartered Accountants to enable them to train students under the new training programme. It is now a requirement for all Accredited Training Offices to have Registered Assessors who are in charge of the training. A training office stands to lose its accreditation if it does not meet this minimum condition. We urge all those who are not yet registered to undergo this important 2-Day course which also attracts 12hours worth of CPD. Kindly take note of the dates below, diarise and book now!

Venue - Crowne Plaza

DATE - 9 & 10 February 2017

Time - 8am-4pm

Cost - USD350

Kindly make the payment (and send through the proof of payment) by Tuesday 31 January 2017 as we need to confirm the numbers with the Venue.

Registration of a Training Office

Requirements to Register a Training Office

For an organization to be registered as an accredited training office the following should be satisfied:

- At least 1 Chartered Accountant within that organization
- The application form should be completed and submitted to the Education Committee
- The registration fee (USD1000) to be paid upon Accreditation.

Information on how to become an Accredited Training Office

Please refer to the below documents:
AM01 Accreditation Manual
P01 Accreditation Policy
TR01 Application - Commerce and Industry Offices
TR01 Application – Public Practice Offices