Objectives Of WeCAN

WeCAN, has been set up to meet the following key objectives: 
• Encourage and improve participation of Female members in ICAZ activities to promote diversity of views 
• Provide a platform for Female members to network and share ideas in-order to promote female CA’s influence in the economy and in turn work towards ICAZ’s objective of exerting influence in all spheres of the economy

Key Roles of WeCAN Committee

• To administer women-chartered accountants’ network (WeCAN) where all the female members of ICAZ will be eligible to participate. 
• Come up with activities and initiatives aimed at promoting, profiling, and developing female members for influence 
• Develop networking and mentoring opportunities for female members 
• Devise ways to ensure female members interact with/to inspire, encourage, and promote female students 
• Any other activities and initiatives to promote female students and member development.